UK Visitor Visa

The normal visitor visa is intended for those who desire to visit the United Kingdom for travel or vacation, to see family and friends, for private medical treatment, or for business activities, including attending conferences or participating in sports or artistic events.

Visit eligibility conditions for visas

By meeting the following broad conditions, applicants must demonstrate to the Home Office that they are real visitors.

The proposed visit shall be limited to the specified purpose and duration.
Intend to depart the United Kingdom at the conclusion of the visit
Will not reside in the UK for a lengthy period of time via frequent or subsequent trips, nor will they make the UK their primary residence;
Genuinely seeking admission for a reason authorized by the tourist routes and will refrain from engaging in any banned activity;
Have enough finances to pay all reasonable expenditures associated with the visit without working or relying on public subsidies.

Individuals may use the UK Visit Visa to visit family and friends, engage in permitted business activities, seek investment for a proposed business, study for up to 30 days, participate in exchange programs or educational visits, transit through the UK, receive private medical treatment, or convert their civil partnership to marriage.

This visa does not allow for paid or unpaid employment, living in the UK for extended periods of time via regular trips, entering into or giving notice of marriage/civil partnership, or claiming public funding. The normal visit visa is valid for six months, two years, or ten years if the applicant desires to visit the UK on a frequent basis; however, each visit is limited to a stay of six months.