This option is for refugees and individuals awarded humanitarian protection who want to live in the UK after five years of holding the status and living in the UK. At the same time, defendants who were part of the original asylum petition and were given leave in line may apply for settlement.

Refugee Settlement Eligibility Requirements

In order to qualify for Settlement under the protection route, the applicants need to satisfy the below requirements.

  • Held a residence permit as a refugee or person granted humanitarian protection leave (or their dependant), for a continuous period of five years in the UK
  • The residence permit is still valid and has not been revoked
  • Do not have a criminal history or evidence of any extremist behavior that runs contrary to the British value
  • No changes of a significant nature to the circumstances in the home country lead to the grant of refugee leave
  • Not returned to the country of origin or habitual residence for long periods of time or on several occasions
  • Not obtained a national passport of the country from which claimed asylum or Humanitarian Protection.

The applicants must apply for settlement under the protection route, and they may include any family members who were granted leave in the same way as the refugee, as well as any children born in the UK. After receiving the application, the Home Office will handle it further, including biometric enrollment and receipt of supporting papers. The Home Office has a Safe Returns policy and will determine if the grant of Settlement is no longer appropriate and if the individual no longer needs the protection sought and granted. The reasons for cessation (revocation of refugee status) must be strong, and achieving this is a difficult task. As a result, applicants are encouraged to submit specific proof demonstrating current danger based on nation background information. If the settlement application is denied but the refugee status is not removed, the applicant will be granted a three-year limited leave to remain, which can be renewed.