In order to qualify for a Fiance visa, both the applicant and their partner would need to be above 18 years old and satisfy the below requirements:

  • Spouse/Civil Partner must be British or Settled in the UK
  • Both have met in person, free to marry and the relationship is genuine and subsisting
  • Intend to marry within 6 months of arrival in the UK
  • Meets the Financial requirement and will be able to maintain themselves adequately in the UK without recourse to public funds
  • Intend to live together permanently and have suitable accommodation available
  • Meet the English language requirement of at least CEFR level A1

The financial requirement that needs to be met differs on the basis of the number of financial dependants applying together. The minimum requirement is an annual income of £18,600 for a partner application and there will be an additional £3800 for the first child and £2400 for each child afterward. Only those children, who are not British or settled in the UK will be counted for the additional income requirement.

The financial requirements can be met in a number of different ways including salaried or non-salaried income, salary or dividends from the company, income from self-employment, rental income, pension or income from any investments, etc to name a few. It is also possible to use cash savings that have been held for more than 6 months if above £16,000 to be used in part or full to meet the financial requirement. The applicants can also combine some selective type of income and/or savings to meet the financial requirement. This is an area where applicants must take extra caution, as not providing the right specified documents to evidence income remains one of the most common reasons for refusal under this route.

Extension & Settlement

Applicants are usually given a 6-month first entrance period. Applicants will be allowed to apply for a spouse visa in the UK once the wedding has taken place. If the spouse visa application is approved, a 30-month leave is usually provided, which is extendable for another 30-month period if the requirements are met on a continuous basis, and the applicant can apply for settlement after five years. It’s also worth mentioning that if the applicants are given permission based on human rights or otherwise fail to meet the standards, they will only be entitled to live in the UK after ten years. If they meet all other qualifications, the spouse of a British citizen can apply for British citizenship immediately after settling in the UK.

Fiance visa holders are unable to work in the United Kingdom. Holders of a Spouse or Civil Partner visa enjoy full rights to work, study, and do business in the United Kingdom.