This route is for those individuals who were previously granted Indefinite Leave to Remain in the UK, but that leave has since lapsed due to spending more than 2 years outside the country. Applicants who wish to return to the UK must apply for a Returning Residents visa

Requirements for Returning Residents visa

In order to apply for a returning residents visa after being away for more than 2 years from the UK, the applicant must normally satisfy the below conditions.

  • Must have held an Indefinite Leave to Remain at time of travel
  • Not obtained public funds to support travel abroad
  • Now seeking readmission to reside in the UK on a permanent basis
  • Provide evidence and good reasons to explain the absence

Applicants who want to return to the UK on a returning resident visa must show proof of their ties to the country, which could include details and strength of family relationships, employment, and property ownership in the UK. EEA nationals with permanent residence, members of the UK military forces and their dependants who accompanied them overseas, family members of British nationals working for the UK government abroad, and others are excluded from losing their ILR even after two years away from the UK.