EUSS Family Permit & Residence Card

On 31 January 2020 at 11 p.m., the United Kingdom formally exited the European Union and started a transition phase that would finish on 31 December 2020. EU citizens may continue to exercise their freedom of movement rights in the UK as they did before Brexit throughout this transition period. EU, EEA, and Swiss residents residing in the UK will retain their current rights and status until 30 June 2021. EU nationals and their family members wishing to stay in the UK after 30 June 2021 must apply for immigration status under the EU Settlement Scheme (EUSS).

The EUSS family permit enables an eligible non-EEA citizen family member to enter the UK in order to join or accompany an EEA or Swiss national who has been awarded Pre-settled or Settled Status under the EUSS.

Requirements for the EUSS Family Permit

To apply for an EUSS family visa, both the applicant and sponsor must meet the standards listed below.

The applicant is a non-EEA national.
The applicant is a member of the immediate family of a relevant EEA citizen.
Must plan to join or travel to the UK with an EEA or Swiss national within six months of the application date. EEA Citizen/Sponsor must have Pre-Settled or Settled Status.

To satisfy the aforesaid criteria, all visa-holders wishing to join their EU, EEA, or Swiss National family members must provide documentation of their link to their Sponsor and their intended visit to the UK. This application’s nature is more adaptable than earlier routes. While there are restrictions on who qualifies, there are no criteria for English language proficiency or meeting a minimum income threshold.