British Citizenship by Registration

This route is for those qualified either by way of entitlement or on a discretionary basis to apply for British Citizenship by registration. In order to be eligible to register as a British Citizen, the applicant may qualify in a number of permitted categories, the most common route being children under the age of 18 applying for registration. Children cannot apply to ‘naturalize’, but instead must apply to ‘register’ as British citizens.

British Citizenship by registration for children

In order to be eligible to register as a British Citizen by the way of entitlement, the child must satisfy one of the following requirements.

  • Born in the UK whose parent or parents become British or settled (must be applied for before the child turns 18)
  • Born in the UK who has lived in the UK continuously until the age of ten


Under certain circumstances, the Home Office may register a child and give them British citizenship. The applications are usually judged on their own merits, taking into account the kid’s future intentions, the child’s parents’ citizenship and immigration status, the length of the child’s stay in the UK, whether the child is settled, parental consent, and what is in the child’s best interests. Both forms of registration have a good character requirement, while discretionary registrations have a high threshold.

The child must submit an application for registration using the MN1 form, pay the needed fees, and finish the process.