Administrative Review

Administrative review is a procedure through which applicants may request that the Home Office rethink their judgments in the event of a case handling mistake. It is the first available alternative for decisions that do not require an appeal.

Administrative Review is available for applications submitted under the Points Based System by either the principal applicant or a dependent, including indefinite leave to stay applications lodged in the UK, as well as applications made by Appendix W employees and their families. A complete list of qualifying choices is available in the Immigration rules section. Appendix AR.

Errors in Case Work for Administrative Review

Several examples of casework problems that might result in an administrative review under Immigration regulations are mentioned below.

Improper application of immigration regulations

Incorrect application of immigration regulations

Calculating the application’s points incorrectly

Calculation error in the length of leave given

Considered erroneously some or all of the evidence supplied

Making an irrational judgment on the applicant’s credibility

Failure to adhere to the applicable established policies and directions of the Secretary of State

Failure to implement the overstay exemption rules or calculating the term incorrectly

Decide incorrectly that supporting materials were not authentic

A cost of £80 is required for applications submitted in the United Kingdom; this money is refunded if the review is successful. The administrative review must be sought within 14 days after receiving the decision if the applicant is in the United Kingdom, or within 28 days if the applicant is outside the United Kingdom.