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Personal Imigration

Personal Imigration

We offer advice and representation on all aspects of immigration, asylum and nationality law. We provide a practical service tailored to the specific needs of our clients and innovative solutions when a client presents us with a complex matter.

For individuals applying to come to the UK from abroad, we can assist with all categories of visa and entry-clearance applications.

For those individuals who are legally present in the UK, we can assist with applications for extension and variation of existing leave to remain in the UK. We are also able to assist them with applications to switch into other immigration categories and settlement applications.

For those who are present in the UK without status, we can assist by helping them regularise their status. We have particular expertise in Human Rights applications based on relationships or families and EEA applications. We have had considerable success in settlement applications, asylum cases, Ankara Agreement applications and applications for business, work and student visa cases.

We also offer specialist advice on applications for British citizenship. We will ensure that your application is presented to the Home Office in the best possible manner,, maximising the chances of a desired outcome. However, where applications are refused, we can assist with appeals and challenges in the Courts (including the Court of Appeal, Supreme Court and the European Courts) and the Tribunals.

We have considerable success in challenging poor decision making by officials in Courts and Tribunals. Our lawyers often conduct thier own advocacy, and as such have experience of dealing with all aspects of an immigration case. However, we instruct counsel where it is considered necessary.

Our lawyers have links with some of the best immigration chambers in the UK and can use these contacts to negotiate very competitive rates on our clients’ behalf. The firm’s expertise in criminal and human rights law means that we can offer unrivalled legal assistance in detention, deportation and extradition cases. We are able to offer a range of funding options and provide fixed fees in the majority of immigration matters.

Business Imigration

Business Imigration

Immigration law is becoming stricter, making it harder for UK businesses to hire migrants to work and live in the UK. Our solicitors can help your business comply with complex immigration laws. We also help migrants looking to invest or start a business in the UK.

Any immigration process is stressful and following the rules is vital to avoid penalty fees or legal action. We work with you to understand your needs and put a bespoke strategy in place that protects your business and employees.

What Business Immigration Issues Could I Face?

Businesses employing migrant workers need to make sure they have the correct sponsorship licence. Applying for and maintaining these licences takes time and resources. Businesses can face issues if they don’t follow the correct process, including:

  • Applying for the wrong sponsorship licences and certificates of sponsorship
  • Having a sponsor licence refused, suspended or revoked
  • Failing to comply with the prevention of illegal working regulations.

We’ve worked with many businesses and employees with complex immigration issues. Our lawyers have a detailed knowledge of immigration law and a long-standing relationship with the Home Office. We’ll give you practical advice to help make your immigration experience less time consuming and stressful.

Who Can We Help?

Our immigration solicitors can help you if you’re:

  • A business owner in the UK who employs migrant workers
  • An individual looking to start a business or invest in the UK
  • An Individual who wants to work in the UK
  • A business wanting to set up a branch or subsidiary in the UK.

Our immigration team work with businesses and individuals across the UK and abroad. Whether you can meet face-to-face or not, our team work closely with you to solve your immediate issues as well as putting plans in place to avoid any future ones.

Can You Help Me With Brexit Related Issues?

Immigration laws around Brexit are uncertain but changes are likely. We understand that for businesses employing people from the EU or EU nationals running businesses in the UK this is an incredibly unsettling time.

Our immigration lawyers can assess your business and advise the best way forward to prepare for Brexit. We’ll also help you and your dependants apply for a permanent residency permit to stay in the UK.

Global Citizenship

Global Citizenship

Many organisations and universities refer to this phenomenon as enhancing “global citizenship”, or creating “global citizens”, and encourage a variety of international activities.

What is a Global Citizen?

A global citizen is an individual who is aware of the world and has a sense of their role in it.

They respect and value diversity and work to understand and add to efforts to achieve social development goals. Global citizens participate in communities at all levels (from local to global) and take responsibility for their actions and interactions with members of their own community and communities abroad.

To become a global citizen, you’ll have to be creative, flexible, dedicated and proactive. Global citizens get involved as members of  the international community and are committed to  building on this community in a meaningful and positive way.

This means that aspiring global citizens need to develop skills related to problem-solving, decision-making, critical thinking, communication and collaboration. These five skills are becoming more and more essential to success in the workplace, as well as life in general, and can add to both your personal and professional development in a big way.

Why Become a Global Citizen?

Global citizenship is becoming a widespread topic in higher education. This is because it deals with issues of global interdependence, diversity of identities and cultures, sustainable development, peace and conflict, and inequities related to power, resources, and respect.

The world is becoming more globalised every day, with media and technology allowing ideas and cultures to cross borders faster than ever before. What’s more, international politics and international relations create systems in which we all live, and we’re all responsible for the health and future of the planet.

This means that twenty-first century students need to be prepared so that they can succeed in this quickly developing world, both professionally and personally.

So it’s no surprise that universities are looking to “internationalise” their campuses by increasing the international exposure their students have access to.

How to Brcome a Global Citizen?

  • Get Inspired
  • Get educated
  • Get Hungry
  • Read  More
  • Go Abroad
  • Make Friends
  • Become a Leader

Plan For Your Future as a Global Citizen

The more internationally involved you get, the better equipped you’ll be with global skills for future career success. It’s important that you stay plugged in, as international trends continue to expand and shift.

Don’t forget to let your interests guide you! Nearly every topic of academic study can include and benefit from an international component, and this can help you become a more globally minded citizen.