For all circumstances, we offer a clear price schedule. Our prices are pre-determined and based on how complicated your particular situation is. The estimated legal fees on this page will be informed in writing before work on your case begins if there are any additional expenses.

Schedule a consultation with our immigration advisor for a set price. He or she will evaluate your eligibility and offer you professional guidance depending on your unique situation. Consultations carry no obligation

If your question is more general in nature, a half-hour session is excellent and costs £100. This consultation is also appropriate for applicants looking for preliminary advice on appeals, reapplications, or applications for British nationality or immigration to the UK. Should you choose to retain us, the charge is entirely deductible from your legal costs.

Full-hour consultations, which last an hour, are best suited for applicants looking for more in-depth counsel, whose circumstances are more complicated, or who may require individualised guidance on challenging appeal processes. The fee for a full consultation is £250 by bank transfer only. If you want us to represent you, the cost of this option will also be deducted from your overall costs.

We always make an effort to follow the fee estimations listed below, when applicable.

Fees payable to the Home Office or other authorities in connection with your case are not included in our professional fees and must be paid separately.

The professional fees listed below are indicative and are based on case-specific complexities, issues, or time constraints.

  • Service Legal fees from
  • Consultation £100 per 30 minutes
  • Full Immigration consultation £250 per hour
  • Service Legal fees from
  • Tier 1- Investors £5,000
  • Tier 1 Start Up and innovator £6,000
  • Tier 1 - Exceptional Talent £2,500
  • Sole Representative £2,500
  • Tier 1- Graduate Entrepreneur Migrant £2,500
  • Service Legal fees from
  • Tier 2- General £1,500
  • Tier 2 Sponsor License Application £5,000
  • Tier 2- Ministers of Religion £1,500
  • Tier 2- Sports People £2,500
  • Tier 2 Dependants £1,000
  • Service Legal fees from
  • UK Ancestry application £2,500
  • Naturalisation & British Citizenship Registration £1,500
  • Business Settlement £3,500
  • Returning Residents £1,000
  • Application for Temporary Admission £1,000
  • Out of Time/ Discretionary Applications £2,500
  • Detentions/CIO Bail £1,000
  • Stateless Person £2,000

KMP Legal Fees do not include:

  • Application fees are charged by UK Visa and Immigration (UKVI) or the Home Office Immigration Health surcharge fees. Please note that UKVI fees are non-refundable and are subject to change. Clients will be advised of the current UKVI application fee payable.